New Year’s Resolutions

2015. A year of ups & downs for us all. The SoBakeable team can attest to that! The thought of New Year’s resolutions can be very daunting, as we reflect on the year we’ve had & set our sights on the year to come. We all have our own personal resolutions to make & undertake, but we at SoBakeable would like to share with you our biggest resolution – to strive to live more in the moment & make time to do what we love.

When we started SoBakeable, we realized that so many of us just don’t have enough time. We’re being pulled in so many directions, we’re always busy & on the go. The struggle to find time to do what we love is very real.

We want to share our love of baking with you in the new year & beyond, so we’ve designed our subscription boxes to help simplify the baking & creating an experience. You’ll enrich your own life, as you take the time to bake along with us, learn new techniques & feel the joy of sharing it with others. That said, we put great thought into our brand & its values:

BAKE something you haven’t before | Try something you haven’t before, rise to the challenge & feel proud when you succeed. Build on your career, your personal life & your relationships.

CREATE something beautiful using your creativity | Do the things that make you happy, make time to explore new hobbies & interests. Learn a new language, travel & open your mind to new experiences.

CELEBRATE it by sharing with those you love | Life’s happiest moments can be big or small. Find something to smile about every single day, see the good in people, laugh with friends & show that you care.

Visit our website & sign up for updates, we’ll be open for orders before you know it! We wish you everything of the best for 2016 & hope you’ll bake, create & celebrate with us!


The SoBakeable Team

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