Better Baking Series: Ingredient Temperature

It’s Wednesday, so here’s the next installment in our better baking series. We hope that these tips & tricks will help you to bake it better! This week, we’re talking about recipes that call for room-temperature vs. cold ingredients & why it’s so important that you follow those instructions. Room Temperature: When a recipe specifies room-temperature butter, … More Better Baking Series: Ingredient Temperature

Baking With Apples

At SoBakeable, we love apples to our core! They are always around our kitchen, so they are the perfect thing to sweeten things up whenever we need to grab ingredients from around the pantry or the fridge. Here are some tips & tricks for the perfect apple treats! For the tastiest apple treats, use apples … More Baking With Apples

The Perfect High Tea

High tea is perfect when you’re feeling fancy! Think mini cakes, bite-sized bakes & delightful bites to nibble on. There’s no better excuse to gather some friends around & show off your baking. It’s always a classy affair – let your guests sip on tea or toast each other with a glass of champagne. This is an event … More The Perfect High Tea

5 natural alternatives for red food coloring

Here at SoBakeable, we love making our bakes beautiful, with a significant focus on the decorations & look of our final product! We use toppings, sauces & frosting techniques to do this. Sometimes, we even include colors in our actual bakes (like red velvet). To do this, we often use food coloring, but sometimes it’s nice … More 5 natural alternatives for red food coloring

3 Alternatives For Baking With Butter

Butter helps make all of our favorite things like cakes, muffins & brownies even more delicious & indulgent. It’s the key to a tender crumb (yum), the irresistible flaky texture of pastries & the feeling of decadence from the very first bite. If you’re trying to stay healthy or you’re out of butter, SoBakeable’s to the rescue with a … More 3 Alternatives For Baking With Butter

A Squeeze of Sunshine: 3 Ways With Lemon

While lemon is the sourest of fruits, it works well with the sweetness in many baked treats, giving a mouth-puckering tartness that’s hard to resist. That tart lemony flavor adds freshness & makes some delicious treats, these are some of our favorites! Lemon Meringue Tart A lemon meringue tart is a tart base, with silky smooth lemon curd, topped … More A Squeeze of Sunshine: 3 Ways With Lemon