What’s in your box?

A beautifully packaged SoBakeable box arrives on your doorstep each month…let’s take a peek inside! Just open the box & get ready to bake, create & celebrate with SoBakeable.

SoBakeable box

Recipe Cards

Discover a new & exciting recipe each month! You’ll get beautifully presented recipe cards featuring clear instructions – one for the cake & another for the decorating techniques. Yours to keep & use for future creations.

We’ve done the hard work for you – all your ingredients come already weighed, portioned & packaged. All you need on hand is butter, milk & eggs. Love almond milk? Use that! The choice is yours. If any other fresh ingredients are required, we’ll be sure to give you the heads up!

We want you to be proud of your creations – we’ve designed them to look & taste spectacular! Decorations & instructions on new techniques are included each month. Master these techniques by watching our video tutorials & let your creativity shine.

Some techniques & decorations require specialized tools that you may not have. We want your finished product to look outstanding, so we’ll gift you these small tools as needed. These are yours to keep & enjoy. We hope you’ll find new ways to use these in your future creations!

Can’t wait to ship your box soon!


The SoBakeable Team

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