Bake With Healthy Milk Alternatives

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When your SoBakeable box arrives on your doorstep, there are only 3 ingredients that you need on hand – butter, milk & eggs. We want to give you a choice when it comes to these ingredients, using what you like best. Take a look at our recommendations for egg replacements, keep reading for milk replacements & look out for butter replacements coming to the blog soon!

While cow’s milk has traditionally been the go-to option in baking, there are now other types of milk that are dairy-free & a good source of nutrition. You’re no longer limited when looking at milk substitutions.

Keep in mind that different kinds of milk vary in flavor, with each one adding a slightly different taste to your final product. Some are indiscernible & milder in flavor, while the nut milk can give a more ‘nutty’ taste. You can experiment & see which ones work best for you. In addition to this, these kinds of milk vary in their fat, protein & sugar content depending on what you choose to use (non-fat vs. low fat, unsweetened vs. sweetened, plain vs. flavored), but they all are worthy milk replacements.

Easy peasy – these are all straight substitutions, no need to tweak the recipe!

Soy Milk

It is best to use organic soy milk in your baking or cooking, as the conventional offerings may be GMO. Soy Milk is the closest to cow’s milk in terms of protein & fat content, however, where it differs is in the calcium content.

Replace the amount of milk needed with the same amount of soy milk

Almond Milk

We at SoBakeable are loving almond milk – in our tea, with cereal & in our baking too. It’s a very popular substitution & can even be made at home (it’s on our list of things to try this year). We suggest unsweetened almond milk (cuts the sugar) & although it doesn’t contain as much protein as cow’s milk, we love the good-for-you light flavor of it. Full fat almond milk works best in baking & will give you great results!

Replace the amount of milk needed with the same amount of soy milk

Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk is creamier than cow’s milk & is high in healthy saturated fats. The coconut flavor may be pronounced in your baked goods, so use it when you want to add that kind of flavor (instead of a vanilla-flavored cake or as a complement to the other flavors).

Use light coconut milk as a substitute for milk or light cream. Use full-fat coconut milk for bolder flavor or as a substitute for heavy cream.

Replace the amount of milk needed with the same amount of coconut milk

Rice Milk

People who love rice milk love its mild true-to-milk flavor. It’s thinner than cow’s milk in consistency & not quite as creamy either. So for a pudding or custard consistency, we wouldn’t recommend this option as it won’t set properly.

Replace the amount of milk needed with the same amount of rice milk

We hope you’ll enjoy experimenting with these options & if you’re already baking with these options, let us know which one you like best!

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The SoBakeable Team

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