3 Alternatives For Baking With Butter


Butter helps make all of our favorite things like cakes, muffins & brownies even more delicious & indulgent. It’s the key to a tender crumb (yum), the irresistible flaky texture of pastries & the feeling of decadence from the very first bite. If you’re trying to stay healthy or you’re out of butter, SoBakeable’s to the rescue with a few alternatives that we hear are great!

Canola Oil
Canola oil’s mild flavor makes it an excellent substitute for butter & works exceptionally well when the recipe calls for melted butter. Your baked goods will reward you with a texture that’s softer & moister. The added benefits of eating something lower in saturated fat, cholesterol & sodium are also a win!

You can use 3/4 cup of canola oil for every 1 cup of butter. You can also do a straight conversion replacing 1 cup of butter with 1 cup of canola oil, but you will need to slightly reduce one of the other liquid ingredients in your recipe.

Coconut Oil
Just like butter, coconut oil is solid at room temperature because of its fat content, so it works well as a replacement. Just be aware when using it, that it has a much lower melting temperature than butter. Coconut oil works well for baking things like scones, muffins & cakes. We also think its an excellent cooking oil!

You can do a straight conversion – 1 cup of butter for 1 cup of coconut oil.

Prune Purée
News to us, but apparently prune purée also makes a fantastic alternative to butter. It will lower the calories & the fat of your recipe & the fruity flavor works with chocolate & cinnamon recipes. This flavor combination could become one of your baking secrets, we’ll never tell!

You can try a straight conversion – 1 cup of butter for 1 cup of prune purée.

We hope these come in handy the next time you look in the fridge to see you’re out of butter!


The SoBakeable Team

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