Bakespiration: Mini Tea-Cakes

We took a break from working hard, to have some fun in the kitchen & bake something for a tea-time break. Instead of baking a cake, frosting it & then promptly devouring it – we decided to try something different. Tea-time is all about sweet & savory goodness, in miniature form!

We looked around the kitchen for some bakespiration (we use this word, it’s a real word) & spotted some bananas, ripe for the baking! We baked a small banana sheet cake (pinches of cinnamon & nutmeg, per this post on warming up your winter baking) & then whipped up some vanilla cream cheese frosting. YUM.

Not satisfied with stopping there, we took a round cookie cutter & turned our banana cake into mini banana tea-cakes! We decorated them simply with a swirl, roses & some drop flowers (using the same closed star piping tip).


Too bad we couldn’t wait before snapping a pic. What you see is what we had left…minus a couple of sneakily eaten ones, which we scoffed standing in the kitchen with a hot cup of Rooibos tea in hand.

The next time you bake a sheet cake, try making mini-cakes, they’re fun to make & eat too – they’re smaller so it means you can eat more than one (or two)…


The SoBakeable Team

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