Better Baking Series: no peeking!


We love sharing tips to help you bake it better! These are things that are easy to do & can ensure your bakes turn out perfectly every single time.

You’ve spent time in the kitchen whipping up a cake or cupcakes or some other deliciousness. You pop the pans into the oven & set the timer, so you’ll know when it’s done. Pats on the back for making it this far with your recipe, now do you:

A) walk away from the oven to let it do its magic, only checking for doneness close to when the timer’s up


B) keep checking to see how it’s baking – opening the door, peeking in & smelling the delicious aromas

So, the correct answer would be A & here’s why. Whenever you open the oven door to peek in, you’re letting the hot air rush out & colder air rush in. Your cakes/cupcakes/cookies will suffer from this interrupted baking process & may need a longer bake time. Maybe you saw them rising beautifully…but when you take them out at the end, they’ve flopped. This bad habit of opening the oven gives you very short-lived satisfaction.

So, let your oven work its magic – transforming that batter into something great! When it’s time to check for doneness, do so quickly. Take your pan out of the oven, close the door, use a cake skewer/toothpick to check for doneness & if it needs more time in the oven – immediately put it back in.

We want everything you make to turn out perfectly, after all…that’s what makes it #sobakeable!

The SoBakeable Team 

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