Bakespiration: Chocolate Cake


At SoBakeable, our friends & family are chocolate lovers, so whenever something chocolatey is baked, we know it’ll fly out of our kitchen! Try baking this & we guarantee it’ll do the same.

Today we’re baking up this super easy & beautiful chocolate cake, the star of the show are these gorgeous (to look at & eat) malt balls. Try this at home!

It’s so simple to make! To start, bake your favorite chocolate cake recipe. Smother in a rich chocolate buttercream & for the final flourish – add the malt chocolate balls to completely cover the cake.

The easiest way to cover the entire cake is to start by placing a single malt ball in the very center of the cake, from there add a ball on either side of the center ball. Continue to add malt balls until you have formed a horizontal line that goes across the center of the cake all the way down to the bottom of each side. Then, add a line of malt balls on either side of the center line & then continue adding lines of malt balls on the outside until the entire cake is covered.


Try this with other toppings like M&M’s, chocolate chips or mini Oreos.

How’s that for weekend Bakespiration?! Yum!


The SoBakeable Team

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