Perfect Pavlova


Pavlova is the perfect dessert to please a crowd, with just a few ingredients you can turn fruit, eggs & cream into a spectacular showstopper that will be sure to please. Served in either single meringue nests or as one spectacular dessert to share, it’s super customizable & can be made with an endless amount of toppings. It’s traditionally served with sliced fruit like strawberries, blueberries & kiwi, but here are a few more of our favorites!

Winter Pavlova
Generally, when we think of pavlova, we’re reminded of a light & refreshing summer treat, tropical flavors & vivid juicy colors. Mix it up in Winter, by adding poached pears & caramel sauce – the perfect dessert to warm the heart on those cold winter days.

Make the meringue base for your pavlova. Then poach your pears in a poaching syrup made up of sugar, water, a vanilla pod & little lemon juice. Whip up some cream (add mascarpone if you want something even more decadent) & prepare your favorite caramel sauce. Assemble by spreading your whipped cream over your meringue base, add the poached pears, drizzle with your caramel sauce & enjoy!

Chocolate Pavlova
The only way to make a pavlova even more delicious is to add chocolate to it! Together with raspberries, you cannot beat this combination – yum!

Once you’ve beaten your egg mixture for your meringues, fold in a combination of cocoa powder & finely chopped dark chocolate to your mix. Once your chocolate meringue has baked & cooled, whip up your cream & layer it over the meringue. Scatter some delicious raspberries over the cream & finish it off with a sprinkling of grated dark chocolate.

Layered Pavlova
Now, this is a standout dessert! The gorgeous pink of raspberries & pomegranate rubies peeking through the white layers of your pavlova will bring oohs & aahs from your friends.

To create a layered pavlova, instead of making just one meringue base, you’ll need to make three. Divide your meringue mixture equally across three trays, so they are all the same size. Once baked & cooled, whip up your cream & spread a third of it over the bottom layer of your pavlova (leave a small gap around the edge, so it doesn’t overflow as you add the layers). Generously sprinkle raspberries around the outside & gorgeous pomegranate rubies in the center (or try mango & passionfruit). Repeat this with the next two layers  & voila – a beautiful three-layered pavlova!

A pavlova that looks & tastes magnificent will have everyone marveling at your baking prowess!!


The SoBakeable Team

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