DIY Natural Blue Food Coloring

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Our Easter Baking Box is set to be shipped in just a few days & we can’t wait for you to get baking! You will bake a delicious 2-layer cake bursting with vanilla flavor, but it’s the blue pastel frosting (decorations & decorating technique too) that really makes it special. In each box, we include blue food gel coloring, but for those of you wanting to keep things more natural – here are a couple of ways to make your own at home.

Blue Butterfly Pea Flowers
Sure,  you may not be familiar with blue butterfly pea flowers – they’re not necessarily available at your local grocery store, but hop onto Amazon & easily purchase some for delivery.

This is the easiest & simplest option for making blue food coloring. Just boil your flowers with a little water until the water turns blue. Once the water is boiling, remove it from the heat & let it cool. When the water is warm, you can check to see if you’re happy with the color – if you are, remove the flowers. If you’d like a deeper blue, squeeze the flowers to add even more color & then remove. If you want more of a colored ‘gel’ to work with (less of a liquid coloring), then simply squeeze the flowers directly into your batter.

Red Cabbage
Now, this is something you can easily pick up at your local supermarket. Slice up your cabbage & boil in water for 10 – 15 minutes. Then, strain out the cabbage & reduce the liquid until it is a thick syrup. This will turn into an intense purple colored syrup, so to make it blue, add tiny drops of baking soda until it magically changes blue. Go really slowly when adding the baking soda – too much can turn your syrup green! This works perfectly for frosting or added to the batter, but be careful not to add it to anything acidic because it’ll turn right back to purple!

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The SoBakeable Team

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