Bake It Better: Stop Your Cakes From Cracking

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If you’re baking a layer cake & want that perfectly level top, it’s not ideal when you pull them out of the oven to find that they have domed & then cracked. Yes, you could use a cake leveler or knife to fix this, but we’re about you baking it better! There are several reasons why this happens, but not to worry – for it’s easily preventable!

Measure ingredients accurately:
This is one that may sound obvious, but can definitely make all the difference to how your cakes turn out. A domed or cracked cake can be caused by inaccurately measured ingredients. Remember, baking is a science where the ingredients chemically react with each other in the heat of the oven to produce something spectacular! Order your SoBakeable baking box, so you never have to worry about this – since all the ingredients arrive pre-measured & portioned perfectly for the recipe!
Don’t over-mix ingredients:
Avoid over-mixing your ingredients, as the extra air this introduces could cause your cakes to dome & crack. After filling your cake pans, gently tap them on the work surface to settle the batter & release some of the trapped air bubbles.
Watch baking temperature:
If your oven temperature is too high, this could be the cause of your cake layers cracking. We have an oven thermometer that sits inside our oven, it’s an easy way to calibrate & adjust the temperature. Bear in mind that ovens vary, so even if you’ve set the temperature correctly, your oven may be running a little hotter or colder. You can also test the temperature inside your oven, by placing the thermometer on the left, center & right-hand side of the oven.
Don’t open the oven once the cake is baking:
As much as you’d love to look inside the oven to see your cake rise beautifully – don’t! Read this installment of our Better Baking Series to understand why you shouldn’t ever peek inside the oven.
Don’t crowd the cake pans:
Once you’ve popped your cake pans into the oven, make sure that you leave a space between them. If the pans are touching, this can negatively affect the heat distribution inside the oven & can cause your cakes to dome & crack.
Don’t over-bake your cakes:
Test the doneness of your cake when it nears the end of the baking time. Use a toothpick or cake skewer to test the cake so that you can prevent it from over-baking.
By implementing these easy techniques, you can ensure that your cake layers come out beautifully every single time! Take a look at SoBakeable & order your baking box subscription now!
Happy Baking!
The SoBakeable Team


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