3 Easy Steps To Fill a Piping Bag

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You know you can make your decorations to look beautiful if only you could get all that frosting into the bag without the mess! Here are 3 easy steps to fill your piping bag, so you can spend more time focusing on making your cakes & bakes beautiful!

Step 1:
If you’re using a tip or coupler, insert it into the bag so you can work out where it’s best to cut the end of the piping bag. Once inserted, you can cut the bag where the tip will fit nice & snug inside for no leaks. Kink the pastry bag to block the hole you’ve just made, so the frosting or mixture doesn’t pour out when filling.

Step 2:
Using a glass, mug, or jar place the tip of your piping bag inside and cuff the bag over the outside edge of the glass. Now you can easily pour in your mixture. Fill your bag 2/3 full to avoid mess & over-spilling.

piping_bag (1).gif

Step 3:
Once your piping bag is full inside the glass, pull up the sides of the piping bag and twist the top, so you remove all the air, and your frosting is nice and snug inside. Be sure to do a few test squeezes to make sure all the air has been released.


Now decorate!


The SoBakeable Team

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