Caramelizing Sugar

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In this month’s April box, you’ll be baking a Spring cream puff tower – yum! To get those little puffs to stack, you’ll need some edible glue to hold it all together. For this, we’ll be using a caramelized sugar syrup. There a few things you should do, make sure you get the best result & stay safe in the kitchen!

It is essential that you use the right size saucepan to get the best result. The water & sugar together should reach halfway up the sides. A saucepan that’s too small will take much longer to caramelize & might boil over, while a saucepan that’s too large will get too hot & it could burn!

Medium-high heat is the best temperature to caramelize your sugar, too high & it will burn, too low & it will take much too long!

Don’t stir
We know it can be tempting, but once you’ve combined your sugar & water, just place your saucepan on the heat & watch it. Don’t stir it! The temperature difference between the sugar & the spoon can agitate it & cause your sugar to crystallize. Once this has happened, there’s no going back. So put your spoon down & if you feel the need to mix your sugar & water – you can rock the pot gently back & forth to combine better as it melts.

Wash crystals on the side of the pan
If you feel your sugar & water mixture has stuck to the side of your saucepan & is beginning to crystallize, you can use a pastry brush dipped in water to wash away the crystals. This water won’t cause your mixture to crystallize.

Watch it!
Your sugar mixture will begin to bubble, & then over time, begin to caramelize. Watch it very carefully, as the final stages of caramelization will happen very quickly! Once your mixture turns a light golden amber color, remove it from the stovetop immediately as it will continue cooking for another minute or two. Leaving it to cook any longer will cause it to burn.

Watch as the sugar & water turn amber, becoming a golden caramelized sugar syrup!

We hope that this tutorial helps, after all – we’re about sharing our love of baking & supporting each other become better bakers. We’d love for you to join our community!


TheSoBakeable Team

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