Making Spun Sugar

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Making spun sugar might seem overwhelming, but it’s surprisingly simple. It is incredible that with such little effort, only sugar & water – you can add such magical decorative elements to all of your delicious desserts!

What you need:
All you need is sugar & water! Your ratios will depend on how much spun sugar you want to make, but a little goes a long way!

Making your caramel:
Place your sugar & water in a saucepan over medium-high heat. Once the sugar has dissolved, it will begin to bubble & will eventually turn a golden amber color. Once it reaches this stage, immediately remove it from the heat. You can check out our post on caramelizing sugar for all of the details!

Now that you have your caramel, you can choose how to decorate with it!

Pour a little onto parchment paper & let it harden. Once cooled, carefully break into pieces. These will make beautiful shards that can be used to decorate & will most certainly wow your guests!

Let your caramel cool a little & once it thickens, dip a whisk into the caramel. You’ll notice thin strands of caramel form – this is your spun sugar. Use this to decorate directly onto your dessert, like we’ve done with our Spring Cream Puff Tower. Or, you can continue to dip your whisk in the caramel, waving it back & forth on parchment paper to create spun sugar nests that can be added to almost any dessert!


We love how much glamour spun sugar adds to our bakes! While it’s a little messy, the joy it brings when we share it with our friends & family is so worth it!

We can’t wait to see what you use your spun sugar for.

The SoBakeable Team


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