How to: Separate Eggs

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So you’re ready to bake & the recipe calls for you to separate some eggs. Fear not, if you’ve never done it before – we have 3 easy techniques that will have you throwing your yolks & whites into separate bowls like a pro! Take a look at our handy tutorial & then give it a go!

Cracking your eggs:
Many of us were taught crack an egg open on the rim of a mixing bowl. We at SoBakeable are much happier holding the egg sideways (or landscape) & giving it a good rap on the flat counter/work surface. We do this for several reasons, namely – it ensures that what contaminants are on the shell, don’t go into the egg when you crack it & that shell doesn’t fall into your egg.

Now that you’ve mastered the art of egg-cracking let’s take a look at how to separate the whites from the yolks.

Method 1:

Crack the egg open on a flat surface into a small bowl/ramekin. Place your hand over a larger bowl & then let the egg fall into your hand. Hey presto – yolk in your hand & whites in the bowl! This one is fool-proof!


Method 2:

Crack the egg open on your flat work surface into a bowl. Using a soup spoon, gently bring the yolk to the side of the bowl, separating it from the white. It couldn’t be easier!


Method 3:

Crack your egg on a flat surface into a bowl. Take a clean, empty water bottle & hold it over the yolk. Squeeze the bottle firmly & place over the yolk, then release pressure. The yolk will be sucked into the bottle & then you can transfer it as needed. So cool!


We hope that next time a recipe calls for eggs to be separated, you know that you can do it with ease! By cracking the egg on a flat surface, you won’t be fishing out bits of shell anymore! Choose the method that works best for you & enjoy your baking experience!

Cheers to your baking success!

The SoBakeable Team

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