Chocolate Bark

Chocolate bark is something we’re passionate about at SoBakeable. It’s one of those decorations that elevates your baked creation, taking it to the next level & beyond! Who could resist biting into a smooth, rich chocolate shard to experience a flavor explosion?! This is about all of the fancy with none of the fuss! Here’s our guide to making outstanding chocolate bark!

You start with a base of melted chocolate & then decorate to your heart’s content. You could choose to use toppings sparingly, for a more delicate look or…pack your chocolate bark full of flavor, color & texture!

White chocolate – works well with tropical or colorful toppings. It’s a new take on the classic chocolate bark – this one helps to showcase the flavors & colors of summer.

Milk chocolate – works well when you want to taste the creaminess of the chocolate & have the toppings mix & mingle nicely together

Dark Chocolate – is perfect for earthier toppings such as nuts or seeds. It is the ideal choice when adding freeze-dried berries or dried fruit since the tart fruit will balance well with the bold chocolate flavor. Sprinkle some flaky sea salt too – it enhances the flavors even more!

Here’s our handy guide:

choc bark

Subscribe now & you’ll get May’s baking box, which features chocolate bark! You’ll learn how to make, decorate & shape them! Once you know how you’ll be able to recreate them to decorate cakes or cupcakes! You’ll want to experiment with topping combinations that create the perfect bite overtime – sweet, tart, nutty & rich.

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Chocolate bark makes a beautiful gift too (as does a SoBakeable baking box), so if there’s a chocolate lover among your family or friends – homemade chocolate bark from your kitchen will make them smile!

Yours in baking,

The SoBakeable Team

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