Our Tips for Great Cake Baking

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With so many beautiful cakes trending right now, we’ve wanted to try them all! So we’re here to offer you some tips to help you in the kitchen so that you can make the perfect cake. Find out what to do when you’re short on time, layering cakes & picking your frosting.

When you’re short on time
You want your cake to be delicious when your friends & family try it, but your day is packed full – how will you fit it all in? Bake your cake ahead of time! Many cakes become moister if you freeze & thaw them. This means you’ll have more time decorate & make your cake look spectacular on the day you need it.

Baking layered cakes
With tall, layered cakes trending right now, there are some many beauties to bake! So, we know you’d love some tips to make yours perfect. We suggest refrigerating your cakes once they’ve cooled to room temperature. This helps reduce crumbs & tears when slicing them into layers.

Place a dollop of your frosting on your cake plate before placing down your first layer, this will help secure it in place.

Cover your cake in a thin layer of frosting, refrigerate & then frost the entire cake. This first layer of frosting is known as crumb coating your cake – trapping all the crumbs so that they don’t ruin the effect of the frosted cake.

You might also like to read our post on baking flat cake layers!

Choosing your Frosting
With so many choices in flavors & textures, it’s essential to select the right combination for your cake. Buttercream frosting is excellent when you want to add extra flavor. Use a glaze when you want to add a glossy shine, & ganache when you want something creamy & silky. Covering your cakes in fondant will help them stay fresh longer – it’s the perfect choice for decorating & also for making cake toppers.

No matter your choice in frosting, remember that people eat with their eyes – so the more colorful, the better! Check out our posts on making your own natural blue & red food coloring.

With these tips & tricks, we know your cakes will be a huge success, enjoyed by your friends & family! For even more tips, step-by-step instructions & video tutorials to help you bake, be sure to purchase your SoBakeable box!

The SoBakeable Team

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