How to Save Your Ruined Cake

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We’re all human – every now & then we have a kitchen disaster. Whether it’s because we got distracted by something around us, the stress of having to bake something perfect for someone special or just because it’s the first time baking that recipe – we all make mistakes. Here at SoBakeable, we try our best to give you everything you need to take away the stress & put the fun back into baking! We give you the ingredients, already measured & weighed – that’s one less thing that can go wrong! Here are some extra pointers to help you out when things haven’t entirely gone your way in the kitchen!

When you’ve burnt your cake
Oops! You left your cake too long in the oven or set the temperature too high & now it’s burnt! Don’t throw it away yet! Just slice off the top, sides & edges with a sharp knife. If you think it might be dry (as burnt cakes often are) dissolve equal parts sugar with water & add vanilla extract, flavored extract or orange/lemon zest. Then, brush this syrup over your cake – this will add extra flavor & moisture to your cake! Then, cover the entire cake with frosting.

When your cake didn’t rise
Oh no, your cake is as flat as a pancake! It may be because your measurements weren’t exact, you overmixed your batter, didn’t whip those eggs or used a pan that was just too big! The good news is, the crumb might still be okay to use. Just turn your flat cake, into delicious cake pops. In a mixing bowl, break down your cake into crumbs, add buttercream frosting & combine. Roll into balls & add a stick to each. Cover in ganache or melted chocolate to finish.

Avoid baking fails before they happen
Before you begin to bake, be sure you’ve read through the entire recipe, check you have all of the ingredients needed, & even weigh & measure them before getting started. We’ve got more details on this in our post on preparing to bake.

Usually, when your recipe calls for eggs, butter & milk – they should be room temperature. Take them out about 15-30 minutes before you begin baking. Check out our post on ingredient temperature for more details about each.

Be sure to turn on your oven to preheat so that it has time to reach the right temperature, but make sure you don’t peek inside your oven while your cakes are baking!

Every oven is different, so always follow your gut. Check your creations for readiness about 5 – 10 minutes (depending on the overall bake time) before the time specified in your recipe. If you think it’s done, it probably is!

Most all of all remember, no matter how your cakes & creations turn out, just have fun in the kitchen. Here at SoBakeable, we live by the motto “bake, create, celebrate”! Turn your creations into something fun & delicious to share with your friends & family. We’re here to make that a little easier by proving everything in our boxes to help you get the most from your baking time 🙂

The SoBakeable Team

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