Top Tips: Baking for a crowd

As Summer approaches, we’re looking forward to more sunshine & more quality time spent with friends! Weekends are often best spent brunching, lunching, lazing in a park or on the beach. How fun to get together & enjoy the day with some delicious treats, we have baking boxes that are perfect for sharing! So the next time you’re invited to a potluck, picnic or BBQ, volunteer to bring something sweet to share – you’ll be very popular!!

Here are our top tips on baking for a crowd!

Bring something bite-size
Bring something easy to hold in a hand

Bring something in a flavor everyone loves
Bring something to WOW

Last month, our subscribers baked a spectacular croquembouche – made up of perfect bite-size cream puffs. Here’s a pic of our subscriber Rachel, sharing her puffs with friends at a picnic.


Don’t be sad if you missed out on that SoBakeable box…

This month’s box had our subscribers baking these decadent chocolate tarts, each tart serves 2…or 1 if you’re not in the sharing mood! A lovely batch of 6 shareable tarts would be perfect for tea with friends or a small gathering. Celebrate a friend’s Birthday with irresistible dark chocolate tarts & sophisticated decoration!

They were so popular that we’ve released more of this best-selling box, grab one now! 


June’s baking box is now available for sale, featuring the flavors of a real crowd-pleaser …S’MORES! Who could resist the summer-time combination of graham cracker, toasty marshmallow & rich chocolate?!
A batch of 12 cupcakes that look & taste spectacular…bring them to your Summer picnic or BBQ. Bake them just in time for the 4th of July & share with the special people in your life! Cupcakes are easy for people to eat one-handed, they are bite-sized & each person can have their own to enjoy! Yum! Here’s a pic to tempt you…subscribe to SoBakeable & order a S’more Summer Cupcake box now!


We’re here to make baking for a crowd an easy & enjoyable experience! Our baking boxes help you embrace your inner-baker & when you share your creations with others – you’ll feel so proud of what you’ve made! You’ll make your friends smile & you’ll bake the world a sweeter place!

Yours in baking success,

The SoBakeable Team


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