Our Favorite Summer Flavors

Summer is just around the corner, and while we may not get to feel the heat here in foggy San Francisco, we can sure make ourselves feel like we’re sitting on an island under the sun with these delicious summer flavors!

Raspberries or just berries, in general, are great for summer! They are usually available at local markets & at a more affordable price than at other times of the year. They add beautiful color to any dessert & a fruity freshness that we love! If you can’t get berries where you are, try a freeze-dried variety – these add just as much flavor & give you a gorgeous color.

A combination we love is chocolate & raspberries – yum! We used this delicious flavor combination in our Decadent Chocolate Tart baking box!


Here in the USA, the idea of Summer is almost synonymous with s’mores. Sitting outdoors, enjoying a cookout or BBQ with friends & family. Enjoy the delicious flavor combination of graham crackers, toasty toasted marshmallow & chocolate in your own way. Perhaps, a marshmallow chocolate mousse topped with a graham cracker crumb, or try a graham cracker tart base, filled with chocolate & topped with torched marshmallows!

We’ve done this with our S’more Summer Cupcake baking box – a graham cracker cupcake, filled with a delicious chocolate ganache, topped with a marshmallow frosting.


Coconut is one of those flavors that really transports you away from reality, taking you on an island adventure. Whisk your friends & family away to flavor paradise with this excellent baking addition! Try shredded coconut in cookies & cakes – it adds beautiful texture, sweetness & that island flair! Toasted coconut is perfect for sprinkling over frosted cakes for extra texture & decoration.

We love this summer flavor so much that we use it in almost everything! We topped our chocolate bark in our Decadent Chocolate Tart baking box with toasted coconut & added texture to the shortbread base with delicious shredded coconut.


Let us know what you’re baking this Summer!

The SoBakeable Team

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