How To Fill Your Cupcakes

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What’s your favorite thing about cupcakes? The cake part or the frosting? Well, we at SoBakeable have a new favorite – the filling inside of a cupcake! We really love discovering nifty baking tools to make our lives easier… & our baked treats sweeter!

Just take a look at our June baking box…a batch of 12 graham cracker cupcakes, filled with a rich chocolate filling, topped with toasted marshmallow buttercream & a chocolate firework topper! A batch of cupcakes that look & taste outstanding too…your friends will love biting into a cupcake to taste the surprise filling inside!

The Cupcake Corer


We include this nifty cupcake corer in our June box so that you can enjoy the experience of adding something different to your cupcakes. We’re so happy that we can gift you a new tool to discover & use in your future creations! With the added element of a cupcake filling – the flavor combinations are endless! Yum!

Here’s how to use yours: 

  1. Aim your corer at the center of the cupcake
  2. Hold the cupcake corer perpendicular to the cupcake & push down into the cupcake
  3. Rotate/twist the corer inside the cupcake, to make sure it’s carved out properly
  4. Remove the corer by lifting & scraping up the side of the cavity, to scoop the core out
  5. Admire your work & then push the plunger of the corer to release the cupcake core


Repeat these steps until your whole batch of cupcakes has been cored. Now they’re ready to fill!!


We love to think about the flavor of the cupcake, the frosting & the filling all working together to make the perfect bite. What do you do with the cupcake cores? Snack on them! Making a few batches of cupcakes? Mix the cores with a bit of frosting to create cake balls or cake pops, which you can dip & coat in melted chocolate!

If you’re a SoBakeable subscriber, we hope that you’re enjoying the baking experience with us! More importantly – that the sweet treats you bake have put smiles on the faces of those you love! If you’re interested, see how you can become a subscriber now!

Our S’more Summer Cupcakes box (with handy dandy cupcake corer) is a Summer hit! We’ve made more available, so grab a box now!

Yours in baking success,

The SoBakeable Team

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