Piped Chocolate Toppers

Piped Chocolate Toppers_featured

Whenever we bake something, whether it be cupcakes or a cake – we love to think about how the choice of flavors will work together to create something outstanding! Deciding on how to decorate our baked treats is no different – we want something that tastes as good as it looks & vice-versa! Piped chocolate decorations are something we really love the look of, there’s a touch of something delicate to them that makes your cupcakes all the more sophisticated! Next time you’ve got a batch in the oven, consider adding these chocolate toppers to your cupcakes!

Think about the color-scheme or flavor combination¬†of your cupcakes & use that to decide whether you’d like to use white chocolate or milk/semi-sweet/dark chocolate. Then you’ll just need to melt some chocolate & fill a piping bag. Twist to close & then snip off the tip (depends on the thickness of the piped lines, but we like to snip 1/4 inch off).


Now start piping your shapes onto a parchment-covered baking sheet! If you’d like your decorations to be similar in size, you can trace around a glass or object to use as a piping guide. You’ll slide this underneath the parchment paper before you start piping. Pipe back & forth, up & down, using straight lines or curved lines to create different effects.


We recommend piping half the batch (so that the chocolate doesn’t set before you’ve had the chance to decorate), then decorating with crushed graham cracker, freeze-dried fruit, nuts, sprinkles or candy of your choice! Doing this adds more texture, color & pops of flavor to your decorations!


When you’re happy with how they look – simply pop them into the fridge to set, until needed! Beautiful to look at, delicious to eat!

We love this variation that a subscriber made to our decadent chocolate tarts! She made the white chocolate bark & added piped chocolate rounds. This was our bestselling box & we made more available for you to order now!


If you love the flavors of Summer S’mores, make sure to grab our June baking box…this is what you’ll be making & what your friends could be enjoying! It’s perfect for celebrating your dad this Father’s Day, or to treat a crowd for the 4th of July! The chocolate toppers are chocolate fireworks!


Chocolate is always a good idea & these piped decorations are sure to WOW!

The SoBakeable Team

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