Top 10 Kitchen Essentials – Part 1


Here at SoBakeable, we ship boxes to you, filled with pre-measured ingredients, a beautiful recipe card, decorations & a special baking or decorating gift. The tools included are usually those you may not already have in your kitchen but are there to add to your unique baking tool collection. However, as with any new hobby, you’ll need to have some baking equipment on hand to get the most from your SoBakeable box. Here are the first 5 essentials that you’ll likely need as a SoBakeable subscriber.

1.Parchment Paper
At SoBakeable, we LOVE parchment paper & use it for almost everything!  It’s a silicone-coated, non-stick paper that resists burning up to 450º F & you can purchase it at nearly any grocery store. Don’t waste time cleaning up the mess or prying your bakes from the pan – just line any baking sheet & to make it non-stick!


2. Electric Mixer/Stand Mixer
While you can mix some things by hand (it’s a great workout), having an electric mixer makes baking so much easier. It is key to incorporating air into your batters & making sure your creations turn out light & fluffy. At SoBakeable, we use a stand mixer, but you can also choose to use a handheld mixer for your SoBakeable baking.


3. Mixing bowls
Baking is an art & science & we develop our recipes using many ingredients to get the perfect result! So you’ll need a bowl to mix your ingredients in. It’s always handy to have a few bowls of different sizes. So if a recipe requires a particular size, you’re set & if it requires a bowl to be used more than once, you don’t have to rush to wash it.

You can choose between glass, metal or plastic bowls, whichever you prefer. Keep in mind that at SoBakeable, we often call for a heatproof bowl that you can place in the microwave.


4. Timer
This is probably something you already have. So there’s no need to go out & purchase a special kitchen timer. You can set your phone timer, oven, or microwave timer when baking. This is useful not only when your bakes are in the oven, but also to keep track of how long you’ve been mixing or following directions that have a recommended time in your recipe.


5. Wooden Spoon
Wooden spoons are called for in almost every baking recipe. The reasons are many, they are comfortable to hold, they don’t conduct heat – so you won’t burn yourself & they won’t scratch your pans. They are essential for every kitchen, whether you love to cook or bake!


Look out for part 2 of this post, to find out the next 5 kitchen essentials!

The SoBakeable Team

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