Mastering Meringue

July’s baking box will have you baking gorgeous Piña Colada Pavlovas! Since the base of the pavlova is meringue, we want to give you our tips & tricks on achieving the perfect meringue…crisped edges with that slightly chewy center. Lightly sweet, they’re perfect for holding the coconut custard & contrast with the tart mango drizzle. Meringues have a reputation for being a little tricky, so we’re here to help you bake them perfectly!

Perfect meringue shells!


The Eggs


  • If you’re nervous about separating your eggs & getting yolk in your whites, feel free to separate the egg into two bowls – one for the white & one for the yolk. That way, you can make sure that the white is free of yolk before adding it to your mixing bowl.
  • Take your eggs out from the fridge & separate them – here are 3 easy ways to do it! They’re easier to separate when cold but whip better when room temperature so cover them & let them come up to room temperature for about 30 min.
  • We always crack our eggs on a flat surface – that way, you minimize the chance of getting bits of shell in your eggs. From a food safety perspective, this is also the way to do it vs. cracking the egg on the rim of a bowl. It prevents contaminants on the shell getting into your eggs & ensures that the yolk stays intact for easy separation.

Make sure there’s no trace of yolk in your egg whites before you whip them since the fat in the yolk will prevent your meringue from coming together perfectly or even worse, deflate them.


Your Equipment


  • Make sure your mixing bowl & whisk attachment are both clean & dry before you add your egg whites. If you are using a spatula, make sure that’s clean too.
  • Since plastic bowls may still have trace amounts of fat or grease from previous use, we recommend that you use a glass or metal bowl. Regardless, clean your bowl & whisk before use, by rubbing a paper towel that has a bit of vinegar or lemon juice on it.


Whisking Your Meringue


  • It will take a couple of minutes for your meringue to whip up, as more air is incorporated. Using a whisk attachment is the only way to achieve this whipped, airy meringue. Be patient as it whips, watching as it goes from clear egg whites to foamy & then finally to an opaque white.
  • Follow the instructions of your recipe, as it may call for a soft peak or a stiff peak meringue.


Is it done?


  • Follow the instructions on your recipe, regarding bake time. Since you’re baking them at a low temperature, the risk of burning your meringues is low.
  • To check for doneness, try to lift a meringue off the parchment-lined baking sheet. If it can be easily lifted off, then it’s done! If not, continue to bake & recheck them every few minutes.
  • Once baked, turn the oven off & leave them inside with the door closed, until the oven has completely cooled to room temperature. This allows the meringues to dry out & crisp up even more!
  • Store your meringues at a cool room temperature in an airtight container.


We’re confident that you’ll be able to master your meringues! With our Piña Colada Pavlovas, you’ll learn the techniques to making beautiful meringue shells, filled with a sweet custard & decorated to perfection! Impress your friends this Summer with something tropical & sweet!

The SoBakeable Team



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