3 Tips for Baking in Hot Weather

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We love enjoying the summer sunshine, hanging by the pool, beach or park, but it doesn’t give us as much joy when we’re baking in the kitchen. The last thing we want is our creation to melt away before it can even be enjoyed! So, here are a few tips to help you be a better baker this Summer.

1. Bake Early or Late
Turning on your oven can heat up your kitchen very quickly! When the heat has nowhere to go, because it’s just as hot outside, it makes your entire house unbearably warm. Using your oven early in the morning or later on in the evening can make things much more manageable, as it tends to be colder at these times of the day. If a recipe can be baked ahead of time, try baking the night before.

If you’re not able to bake at cooler times of the day, it’s always a good idea to purchase a fan to help cool the kitchen & your bakes down! 

2. Use the Stovetop
Your stovetop won’t create as much heat as your oven, which makes it a much better idea to use during those hot summer days. There are lots of delicious treats you can create using your stovetop, like our delightful coconut custard!

3. Don’t Over-Soften Your Butter
If butter is left out for too long, the summer heat can cause your butter to over-soften, causing all sorts of issues. So, be sure not to leave your butter out as long as you usually would & check your butter often by pressing it with your fingertip to test its progress. Make sure you always have a spare stick or two in the fridge, on the off chance you’ll need it. You can also try our quick & snappy way to soften butter, so you don’t have to leave your butter out!

Do you have any tips for baking in hot weather?

The SoBakeable Team

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