What’s In The Box?


When a SoBakeable baking box arrives on your doorstep, get it into the house as quickly as possible & preheat your oven to start the baking fun! If you’re thinking about subscribing & you don’t quite know what you’ll be getting – this post will help you to get a better idea of what’s in the box!

Here’s an unboxing of our super popular Decadent Chocolate Tarts baking box! Hurry & order this one if you want it…we’re almost sold out!

Take a look inside our Decadent Chocolate Tarts box!


We think it’s so essential to provide you with premium ingredients since they can make a difference to the taste & outcome of your baked creations. Each ingredient or ingredient mix is individually packed & pre-measured into the precise amounts required for the recipe. Each dry ingredient is heat-sealed in food-safe packaging to ensure freshness & other ingredients are contained in food-safe bottles or jars. We have clearly labeled each for ease of use, with a round tag & some twine (extra decorative touches that we thought you’d love). On the back of each package, you’ll find an adhesive ingredients label, listing all ingredients as well as allergens.

Recipe Card:

We know that baking something new can be daunting, but we’re all about helping you enjoy the baking experience, without the fuss! We carefully design, test & taste-test (so much taste-testing) each month’s recipe with our subscribers in mind. Not just from a flavor & taste standpoint, but also for baking experience & techniques. We want to teach you new baking & decorating techniques & we know that means providing clear instructions to you! Our recipe card is thorough & in-depth, with images to help you along & step-by-step instructions for you to follow.

Baking Tool Gift:

You’re learning something new every month & you’re baking something spectacular to share with those you love. As an added bonus, we include a baking/decorating tool & decorations for you to make your creations stand out! Every month, we include a gift for you that is either decorative or can be used to achieve a baking/decorating technique. These tools are yours to keep & we hope that you’ll get good use out of them in your future baking endeavors!

Last month, we gifted a nifty cupcake corer to help subscribers take their cupcakes to the next level! Due to popular demand, you can still grab one of these S’mores Cupcake baking boxes.

Personalized Note:

You took the time to get to know more about SoBakeable & subscribe, so to say thank you – we take the time to write you a note! If you’re gifting a box or subscription, make sure to indicate this when you place your order so that we can write a gift note for you!

The Box:

We put a lot of thought into the design of our box, after all – we want you to smile when your box arrives on your doorstep! It also keeps all of the contents safe while in transit. We do place everything carefully into the box when we prepare them for you & every care is taken on our end to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. If they arrive looking a little tossed – your mailman was likely doing a happy dance as he came to deliver your box to you!

We’re offering 10% off on our Piña Colada Pavlova baking box, either as a single purchase or with a month to month subscription! Subscribe now for baking fun!

The SoBakeable Team

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