Where do SoBakeable recipes come from?

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Each month SoBakeable provides you a unique recipe to bake a delicious dessert in your very own home – all you need to provide is milk, butter & eggs. When you receive each recipe, you’ll probably never have seen something quite like it before, that’s because each recipe is entirely one of a kind & thoughtfully curated by the SoBakeable team.

Fitting great ideas into your mailbox!

We spend weeks researching & coming up with the ideas, flavors, ingredients & all of the final decorating touches to give you something amazing every month. We work hard to make sure all of those big ideas can be packaged & fit into your box. We source only the best ingredients for all of our recipes so that every bite is as delicious as it can possibly be.


We test it, test it & test it some more!

One we’ve come up with a great idea, we test it, test it & test it! We want to make sure everything works out perfectly every time! We iterate & change until it’s perfect & write the most thorough recipe & instructions we can, documenting the process with photos to illustrate each step. We also provide a video tutorial for you to follow. This way, you can see the exact textures of mixtures, how to mix something, or add decorations.

Instead of reading a recipe with only a couple of lines, we provide the most detail we possibly can, including approximate times you should be doing an activity for, the tools you need to do it & teach you new techniques. It can be hard for someone to know how to mix a custard until thick. What is thick? This can genuinely mean something different to each of us. Our documented photos, videos & approximate times make this complicated process a whole lot easier!


Once we have our recipe, we find decorations that will make your dessert stand out, like something you’ve never seen before! Each creation, looking & tasting like something from a professional bakery.

& test it again!

Then, we hand this recipe over to our chefs in training aka newbie bakers. We have testers who had never baked a thing until SoBakeable came into their lives. We watch them as they follow our instructions with their SoBakeable baking kits. If they have any questions or are unsure, we add in all the answers & clear up any confusion by adding even more detail to our recipe instructions.

Since we’re in the kitchen baking all day long, we know it can be tough for us to understand what beginner bakers are familiar or unfamiliar with. This is how we came to include a blog post in our recipe about separating eggs!

We’re dedicated to providing our community with the tastiest & most beautiful homemade desserts possible. We can’t wait to share what new recipes are coming your way!

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The SoBakeable Team

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