What to Bake with Extra Egg Whites

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If you’re like us and you’ve made a delicious curd or custard like our coconut custard in our Piña Colada Pavlova SoBakeable box, you’ll have a  couple of egg whites to spare. Here are some fun ideas to use them up by baking some extra sweet treats!

First of all, it’s crucial to store egg whites correctly for them to stay fresh. Egg whites can be kept in the fridge for 2 days, but if you don’t think you’ll be able to get back in the kitchen that quickly – don’t worry! Did you know you can freeze egg whites for up to 3 months? Place each white in ice cube trays or individual bags, so you know how many you have. These can be defrosted in the fridge overnight & will be ready for you when you get back in the kitchen!

Here are a few ideas for bakespiration so you can get cracking & get baking with those egg whites.


The first recipe that comes to mind is meringues. You can make these alongside your custard just like we did. They can be beautiful nests filled with a delicious filling. Try a more traditional pavlova, by adding whipped cream & seasonal fruit to your meringues.



Ever wanted to make a batch of patisserie-style macarons? Now it is your chance! Most recipes only require a couple of eggs. Add a dash of color to them to make them even more wow. If you’re not up for the challenge just yet, why not try traditional coconut macaroons – they are more rustic-looking & have a beautiful coconut crunch to them.



This one is a little more complicated, but who doesn’t love homemade marshmallows? We know we do! With a bit of vanilla, gelatin, sugar & water, you can make some seriously delightful treats. Try using them to top your S’more Summer Cupcakes!



Try your hand at making royal icing. A great way to use up those egg whites with a few other ingredients, just add confectioner’s sugar & vanilla, mix with an electric mixer until stiff. Transfer to a piping bag & decorate gorgeous cookies.


We hope you’re inspired to get in that kitchen & bake something absolutely delicious.

The SoBakeable Team

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