SNAP – WATCH – LEARN™ | It’s Coming!

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Here at SoBakeable, we LOVE being in the kitchen…obviously! We spend a lot of time recipe-testing & designing the baking experience to be most enjoyable for you! Our baking lesson in a box is a fun, fuss-free way for you to enjoy some quality time in the kitchen & create something delicious to share with your friends. Our amazing subscribers deserve the very best & we’re always thinking of ways to add even more fun & value to the SoBakeable experience.

So…we’re so excited to be launching a new technology feature that will be added to the SoBakeable app in only a few short weeks! This is something that we’ve been hard at work designing & it will make your baking experience even more effortless with more focused tutorials & videos with every box.

While some of our subscribers don’t currently use the SoBakeable app, we know this new feature is something they won’t want to miss! So easy for anyone with a smartphone to use, your SoBakeable baking guides will come to life at the touch of a button!

More details will be released soon, but in the meantime, be sure to grab our Cookies ’n Creme Donuts box to be the first to try out our SNAP-WATCH-LEARN™ technology.

We’re so excited & can’t wait for you all to give this a try!

The SoBakeable Team

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