Give the Gift of SoBakeable


SoBakeable baking boxes make a great gifting option & we’re sure you have friends or family who would love to receive a surprise on their doorstep! Our cheerful baking box arrives at their door, with a gift note from you… & that’s just the beginning! With 2 baking kits in each baking box, they’ll be able to bake 2 delicious desserts to share with friends & family! Let them create new memories & be inspired – they can bake on their own or share the activity with someone. The sweet bake or batch will make everyone smile! SoBakeable is the gift of something tangible & something experiential, this combination is what makes it a truly memorable gift!

Here’s what they’ll get when you give the gift of SoBakeable:

A baking box, delivered to their door:

They’ll be delighted when they receive a baking box on their doorstep, such a pleasant surprise & something new for them to try. We’ve designed the box to look like a perfectly wrapped gift, a cake box that’s tied up with string!


Your gift message, included on a card:

When they open the box & open the wrapping, they’ll find your gift message on a card. That way, they’ll know you were thinking of them & that you sent it to them with love! Celebrating a Birthday, special occasion or just because – it’s that personal touch to let them know that you care!


Beautifully packaged ingredients

They’ll love taking a look inside the box, pulling out each package, that’s clearly labeled with ingredients & allergen information. Every package also has a handmade feel – pretty name tags & packages tied up with string!


Baking Guides:

We want them to enjoy the baking experience & bake with confidence! We include a baking guide for each dessert so that they can follow step-by-step instructions & have images to guide them too.


The SoBakeable companion app:

Their SoBakeable baking box comes with exclusive access to our smartphone app! Available on the AppStore & Google Play, our app is designed to complement the baking box & baking guides. They’ll be able to watch & follow along with baking videos & enjoy bonus content & helpful baking tips.


We’ve also launched our SNAP-WATCH-LEARN app feature, which allows the user to take photos of specific images in the printed baking guides, bringing that technique to life with a short video demonstration.

A baking gift:

We love introducing users to new baking & decorating techniques, as they can add these to their repertoire. These often require a specialized tool that they may not own. So, we include it in the box as a gift! Use it immediately with the baking box & then add it to your collection to use in future baking projects!


With Halloween, Thanksgiving & holiday season fast approaching, give them the gift you know they’ll love!

Order our Haunted Halloween Cake by 10/24 to receive it in time for some spooky baking fun!


The SoBakeable Team

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