More Baking, More Fun!


Here at SoBakeable HQ, we’re always excited to receive feedback from our customers, both positive & constructive because it means we can continue to update & improve our business – baking kits & desserts to make our subscribers happy!

We’ve been talking to our current customers, potential customers, anyone & everyone who will speak to us! We’ve analyzed these conversations & decided it’s time to make some changes so that your SoBakeable experience can be even better! These new changes will be implemented starting with our November baking box. So, get excited!

What to expect:
Every month our subscribers get a box that will wow a crowd! We love this concept & truly believe this is what makes SoBakeable so unique & special. So, this concept of baking something wow will not be changing! However, we do understand that our subscribers are busy people! So, we’re making some changes to help you bake more, with less time & less fuss!

With every box, you will now get two baking kits, to wow & share with friends. This means more baking, more fun! Each baking kit will yield a batch or bake that’s still expected to be shared! We’ve designed these desserts to take less time to create – giving you more time to enjoy it with friends & family. They’ll be twice as amazed by your beautiful & Instagram-worthy decorations & the desserts you create!

We even include parchment paper cake or sheet liners so that you can bake with the greatest of ease! Yay!

What’s not changing?
Lots! You’re getting double – for the same old price!
Subscriptions will remain at $99 for 3 months prepaid & $190 for 6 months prepaid. But now, instead of just one baking kit in each box, you will receive two! That means each bake kit inside your box starts at only $15.95! So you’re getting more value with every box.

  • You’ll still receive instruction cards with each baking kit (that’s 2 in each box!).
  • You’ll still receive a baking gift in every box, that’s yours to keep.
  • You’ll still receive a baking box with everything you need (including parchment!), all you’ll need is milk, butter & eggs.
  • You’ll still get beautiful decorations to top every dessert you make, that will be sure to wow!
  • You’ll still get access to the SoBakeable app & our Snap – Watch – Learn™ feature.

Baking kits will still be available in our shop – A full box with 2 baking kits for just $29.95 + shipping & a single kit starts at $15.95 + shipping.

We can’t wait to share twice as much baking fun with you!

The SoBakeable Team

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