SoBakeable & GILT CITY


There’s been a flurry of action & excitement at SoBakeable – we’re finally able to announce that we’ll be featured on GILT CITY for a week! Our flash deal starts TOMORROW 10/12 at 7 am PST/ 10 am EST, so set a reminder in your calendar now, so you don’t miss out!

This exclusive deal is the perfect time for you to treat yourself or someone special to the gift of SoBakeable. This is the ideal gifting option at a special price, so grab it while you can! You’ll be able to purchase:

  • 3 baking boxes with 2 desserts to bake each month = 6 desserts!
  • 6 baking boxes with 2 desserts to bake each month = 12 desserts!

+ $7 shipping per box paid in full, upon redemption

With the launch of our new concept – 2 baking kits in every baking box, we’re looking forward to giving you all more baking…which means more fun in the kitchen! Learn more about this exciting new concept & what it means for you.

We want to get this baking boxes into as many kitchens as possible so that you can all enjoy baking & sharing beautiful desserts! It’s Fall after all, which means… Fall baking! So, in the spirit of staying cozy, we’ve designed each baking box with 2 baking kits – one of which is entirely inspired by Fall.

Fall Spiced Loaf:

We’ve fallen in love with Fall & so will you with our sweet & spiced loaf cake! We’re taking inspiration from all around us – the rich golden, red & copper tones of Fall leaves, the warmth of a cozy sweater & how this season brings us all together – friends & family.

Fall baking is all about adding the comforting hints of these favorite Fall spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, all-spice & ginger. As temperatures outside drop, you’ll warm things up in the kitchen as you bake this loaf. You’ll cover your loaf in a sweet cream cheese glaze & a generous dusting of cinnamon. Complete the look with a mix of dried cranberries, candied orange peel & gingersnap crumbs to add pops of color & festive flavor. This Fall spiced loaf is perfect for sharing – simply serve in generous slices to feed up to 10!

Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies:


There are few things better in life than the smell of freshly-baked cookies! They’re perfectly sweet fun-sized treats that you’ll enjoy with family or share with a crowd. We’ve taken the favorite thumbprint cookie & created a version that looks almost too fancy to eat! The delicious combination of raspberry and chocolate has never looked better, topped with dazzling gold sparkles to add that beautiful SoBakeable touch! Bake a batch of these with your kids, spouse or a friend & enjoy the baking experience together, as you create something spectacular!

These cookies are rich & decadent – crunchy on the outside with a fudgy brownie texture inside. Fill them with sweet chocolate filling & decorate with crushed freeze-dried raspberries, metallic gold sprinkles & golden chocolate nuggets, then stand back & admire your fancy thumbprint cookies. You’ll bake a double batch of these to share!

We wish you a Fall that’s full of baking, creating & celebrating…with SoBakeable!

The SoBakeable Team 



2 thoughts on “SoBakeable & GILT CITY

  1. My granddaughter has been loving your baking boxes, but wishes there was a recipe for the baked goodies included so she could make them again at a future date. She had a similar subscription to a different baking box previously which included the recipe and was a little disappointed when there wasn’t one in the box this time. Any chance that could be something you could include in the future?
    Thank you!


    1. Hi Joanne! We’re so happy that your granddaughter loves baking with us! With regards to the recipes – each one is designed & created by us, after much recipe-testing & is part of the proprietary SoBakeable experience. With the launch of November’s baking box, there will be 2 baking kits in each box, each to bake a beautiful dessert to share. In this way, we feel that we’re adding a much greater value to the experience. We appreciate your feedback & we take everything into consideration 🙂


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