Our Spring Entertaining Guide


We’re making home entertaining even more relaxed! SoBakeable gives you all the ingredients you need to bake delicious desserts with each box!

Check out this our Mother’s Day kits!

We’ve got even more great ideas that will wow your guests & make your Spring gatherings even better!

Add Spring Colors

Add pops of color anywhere you can –

Food – use fresh & seasonal produce, this will help you add color with no effort at all! Add pastels by placing beautiful macarons or use colored tableware to add color.

Table Decor – Place colored napkins out for each of your guests & add things like confetti & buntings to add color. You can also create a centerpiece for your table made from colorful blooms, or fresh fruit to complete the look!


Drinks – Add some color to your cocktails by adding citrus, cucumber, mint or berries to your water jugs, serve Rosé instead of regular wine or give your guests colored straws to sip from!


Your guests will love how bright & beautiful everything is!

Keep Cool When Entertaining Outdoors

Make sure your guests are always comfortable –

Drinks – Be sure to have your drinks on ice or provide ice cubes (fancy or plain) available to add to drinks.


Umbrellas – If you’re entertaining outside, be sure to protect your guests from the sun. Beach & table umbrellas are perfect for this – plus often adds a pop of color!


Blankets – This one is for when the sun goes down – place blankets on each of your guest’s chairs for them to pull over once the air cools & the sun goes down.


Use Seasonal Spring Produce

With entertaining, comes food! There are so many delicious fresh ingredients & produce to use in Spring –

Fruits – Mango, apricot & pineapple are just some of the fruits that are at their best at this time of year. These can be added to desserts, salads & drinks!


– Carrots, avocado & rhubarb are all great ways to add color to your delicious meal creations!


Flowers – Daffodils & tulips are some of our favorite examples of bright & beautiful Spring flowers to gift to friends or display when entertaining.


Let us know your ideas for Spring entertaining!


The SoBakeable Team


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