Quick Tip: Lining a Loaf Pan

SoBakeable keeps things fast & simple in the kitchen. Kits even include pre-cut parchment paper, so you don’t have to worry or fuss to line your baking pans! However, when you don’t have a SoBakeable box around, these useful tips on how to line a pan with the parchment will come in handy! Here’s our tip on lining a loaf pan.

Step 1:


Have 2 pieces of parchment ready. Place your first piece of parchment horizontally. Place your loaf pan vertically on top of the parchment. Trace a line down the vertical side of your loaf pan onto the parchment.

Step 2:


Cut along the traced line & place the cut piece of parchment inside the base of the pan.

Step 3:


Place the second piece of parchment horizontally. Place your loaf pan in the center of the parchment. Trace lines along the shorter sides of your pan.

Step 4:



Cut along the traced lines. Place your second piece of parchment over your first piece. The overhanging edges will make it easier for you to remove your loaf from the pan once it’s baked!

You’re ready to get baking!

You can learn more tips about lining pans from our blog post on lining a brownie pan.



The SoBakeable Team

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