Summer Entertaining Outdoors

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The sun is out, and everyone is smiling – it’s Summer! So, while you’re soaking up the sunshine, laying in the park, sitting poolside or hanging by the beach, we’ve got the perfect outdoor Summer entertaining tips for you!

Dining Outside

We love spending time in the sunshine whether it be picnicking, grilling or with a small al fresco dinner party! 


Get your picnic blankets out! We love sitting under a shady tree, with a basket packed full of goodies!


It’s always a good idea to serve food that can be easily shared and eaten with your hands – it’s not easy using a knife & fork when there’s no table! Pack plastic cutlery and serve ware, this way you don’t have to worry about anything breaking when it travels.


Bring along a few pillows to make your picnic floor soft & comfortable – trust us, your guests will love you for it!



Get your grills hot & ready, because nothing says Summer like a day outside grilling. Once you’ve turned the grill on & it’s hot, use it for cooking multiple dishes! You can use it for mains – like your meat dishes, sides like corn on the cob & other vegetables…


even dessert – get those S’mores ready!


You don’t want to miss the party! So, prep your desserts ahead of time – needs some help? We make it super easy with our ice cream cookie cups!


Dinner Party

A Summer dinner party under the stars is always going to be a hit! Remember, you’re outside, so decorate the table with greenery & flowers that remind you of where you are!


Bring out those dusty Christmas lights and use them to add a special spark to your outdoor party. And remember, this is a party, so make sure you’ve got a great summer playlist going!


Have a self-service bar for your guests, this will make your night easier & your guests can help themselves to drinks throughout the night. 


Let us know how you’ll be spending your Summer!


The SoBakeable Team

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