Perfect Potluck Fruit

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Summer is here & we’re spending as much time as we can in the glorious sunshine! There’s nothing we love more, than something refreshing to sip on or snack on in the Summer heat.

Fruit is always our go-to in the Summer – our favorite tropical fruits are in season to enjoy. We love mango, watermelon, cherries, peaches & pineapple. Not only are the fruits so sweet, tasty & refreshing – their bright colors are a visual feast for the senses!

You don’t have to do much to make fresh fruit stand out & beautiful on a plate, but we have a few creative tips that make serving quick & easy at your next potluck.


Fruit Salad

Fruit salad is a crowd-pleasing go-to for an easy potluck dessert (alongside some delicious baked treats!). Just chop up any fruit you have at home, or have fun at the store picking up one or two of every seasonal fruit. Roughly chop your fruit & throw in a bowl. Save some of the more delicate fruits like berries & cherries to top it off!

We absolutely love the idea of serving your fruit salad in a fresh watermelon bowl. Simply carve out the middle & pile in the fruit!

fruit salad.png


Fruit Skewers

Fruit skewers are a great outdoor snack for adults & kids alike! No plates or cutlery needed, just pick up the skewer & enjoy! These are easy to transport to the park or beach in containers –  simply lay the skewers flat & stack them up.

You can make any combination you like, just cut chunky pieces of fruit & slide each piece along the skewer. Remember to keep some empty space on either end, so it’s comfortable to hold.



You can also be really fancy & make mini skewers to place over your fruity drinks. Use a toothpick in place of a skewer, sliding on a couple of pieces of fruit. Balance the toothpick over your glass, & enjoy! You’ll feel like you’re sipping a cocktail on a tropical island!

mini skewer.png

Fruit Popsicles

Popsicles scream Summer! So why not turn your fruit into a delicious Summer treat, without the melting & dripping from the hot Summer sun. Just add a popsicle stick to the rind of your watermelon, serve & enjoy! The kids will love this one!



Summer fruits are so delicious in their natural form, so you don’t have to do much to make them beautiful & delicious.

Let us know how you like to serve your fruit at your Summer Potlucks!


The SoBakeable Team


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