Fall Apple Desserts

fall apple desserts.png
Now that Fall has arrived, it’s apple season! Apples are so great for baking with this time of year, because they are ripe & ready to be picked. Once you’ve picked those crisp apples – you can get the fun started with some holiday baking in the kitchen.

General tips for baking apples:

  • Always peel your apples before baking with them. The skin can be tough & add an unwanted texture to your desserts.
  • Use Apples that are in season – this means they’ll be freshest & the tastiest.
  • Add warm flavors like cinnamon, cloves & nutmeg to your apples to make them the perfect treat for Fall or Winter.

Some of our favorite fall apple desserts:

Candied Apples

Meltdown your sugar into a delicious caramel. Push a wooden stick into each of your apples & carefully dip each apple into your caramel candy coating. Place on a baking sheet to cool & set – the perfect quick & easy fall apple dessert & one that the kids will love!


Apple Pie

Get your dough ready for one of Fall’s favorite baked desserts – one that is sure to warm the home!  Peel, core, & cut apples into pieces. Mix together with sugar, flour, cinnamon & a pinch of salt. Add some lemon juice to keep your apples from turning brown.


Why not try adding a streusel topping as a different take on an apple pie this year! Just mix butter, flour & sugar together to form an easy & delicious topping!



Caramel Apple Roses

Easy, delicious & oh so impressive. Check out our recipe for these Caramel Apple Roses on our blog. Roll up your puff pastry, apples & caramel to look like a beautiful rose – this dessert is sure to be a winner at your next dinner party.



Apples are the perfect fruit to bake with in the Fall. We can’t wait to get into the kitchen and get baking! What will you be making this Fall Season?



The SoBakeable Team

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