Halloween Tricks & Treats

tricks treats.png

Halloween is the perfect time to get back in the kitchen and start baking. The weather has cooled down, so the warmth of the oven is welcome, treats are expected (unless you want to be tricked!) and it’s a holiday that brings family & friends together.

Here at SoBakeable, we love the idea of combining tricks & treats together, something that looks ordinary & delicious, but on closer inspection has a spooky surprise!


Nothing screams Fall & Halloween like Pumpkin. So anything Pumpkin goes around this time of year! Whether you’re using pumpkin for its flavor or just as a decorative element, your guests will know that Fall & Halloween have arrived!

pumpkin pie


Everyday Surprise!

While it’s not April Fools, that element of surprise around Halloween is always there – just a little scarier. Make everyday things a little spooky, let the candles melt down your candles sticks, pull cotton balls apart to look like spider webs or add 2 black circles to a sheet to turn it into a ghost!




Well, one of the many reasons we love Halloween is because at the end of all the spooks & scares we get to eat the candy! Of course, you can stock up on everyone’s favorite Holiday candy like candy corn, candy apples & more!

We love the element of surprise in our treats – like our trick or treat haunted confetti cake. Haunted from the outside, this midnight cake is filled with a candy surprise!

halloween cake.png


Creepy Crawlies

If it gives you the chills, well then it’s perfect for Halloween. Make your own candy spiders out of chocolate or licorice, use poppy seeds to make ants or make a bloody mess from raspberry puree.  We’ve placed plastic spiders next to our midnight chocolate cupcakes to add some scare!

halloween cupcakes


What tricks or treats are you planning this Halloween?


The SoBakeable Team

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