Patriotic Party Ideas

patriotic party ideas

The sun is shining & Summer is almost here! This means Memorial Day is here & the Fourth of July is just around the corner, so we have some red, white & blue ideas for you!

Red, White & Blue

Red, white & blue screams America! So we know we’re celebrating something truly American when these colors are around. Here are some easy ways to add them to your Summer party celebrations.

Table Decor

There is so much available in stores to help with your celebration, like napkins, straws buntings, garlands & more!


If you’re looking for something a little different this year’s patriotic celebrations, why not make a flower arrangement with flowers in patriotic colors!



There are so many yummy fruits & vegetables in patriotic colors. You can add a touch of red, white & blue by serving naturally colored fresh food.

Use tomatoes in salads & the main meal. Fresh or roasted they are delicious in Summer.

Use berries in desserts & the main meal at your Summer party. Berries can be added to fresh salads with spinach and a sweet dressing or used to add some freshness to your desserts.

You can even add a patriotic touch to your drinks! Add berries to add a subtle flavor to infuse your water or serve a Summer raspberry cocktail to guests.


Stars & Stripes

There is so much you can do to add patriotic decorations beyond just using just red, white & blue at your BBQ or party. Featuring stars & stripes adds a truly American touch!

Table Decor

An easy way to add stars & stripes is to use the American flag! We love these American flag napkins.


We’ve also used red, white & blue with silver confetti stars to add some festivity to our celebrations.


It’s as easy as using a star cookie cutter! You can use a star cutter to cut out fruit like watermelon to add some Summer freshness to your Summer spread. We’ve used them to create chocolate star sandwich cookies dipped in red, white & blue sprinkles.



Let us know what you’ve come up with to decorate at this year’s Memorial Day & Fourth of July celebrations!

The SoBakeable Team

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