3 Creative S’more Ideas

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You can’t have Summer in the USA without a S’more! We’re super excited to launch our Special Summer S’more box next week. In the meantime, we’re giving you a sneak peek into our Summer S’more kits & some other s’more inspiring ideas! So, light up the campfire, get your marshmallows roasting, & get ready to make one delicious sandwich! We know you’ll be asking for s’more!

1) Change up the Cookie

The traditional s’more uses graham crackers, sandwiched together with chocolate & warm, toasty marshmallow. The original graham cracker is excellent because they are a perfect size & have a subtle flavor that lets the toasted marshmallow & chocolate shine. But why not change it up!? Try cinnamon or chocolate graham cracker for a slight twist on the original.

choc smore

Or go crazy! We’ve done just that – we’re baking chewy chocolate chip cookies to sandwich our s’more. This is a fun tweak on the original that we know the kids will love!

cookie smore

2) Change the Filling

You can add all sorts of unusual flavor combinations to the center of your s’more. A personal favorite is raspberries with toasted marshmallow & white chocolate – yum!

raspberry smore.png

Any easy way to switch it up is to swap out an ordinary marshmallow for something fun & flavorful. We’re adding Churro SmashMallows™ to our s’mores for an added cinnamon & sugar flavor.


You can also change the look of your s’mores with these fun, multicolored marshmallows!

colored marshmallows.png

3) Use the flavors to bake

You might remember last year’s s’more cupcakes! These were graham cracker cupcakes, filled with a chocolate ganache center, topped with marshmallow frosting & toasted coconut.

This year we’ve got another exciting S’more-ish baked dessert! Try our graham cracker cake, topped with chocolate ganache & toasted marshmallow topping – the perfect summer dessert to feed a crowd.

smore cake.png


How do you make your s’mores?



The SoBakeable Team

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