Fancy Ripple Cookies

Today is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day & we’re celebrating! 🎉 Here at SoBakeable, we’re not about ordinary, we do our best to make everything we create a little bit fancy. Our choc chips cookies are no different!

Not only do these cookies taste delicious, but they’ll also be sure to stand out because of their beauty.

If you’re a SoBakeable subscriber, you’ll be receiving our Fancy Ripple Cookies baking kit in this month’s box! Get your eggs & butter ready because we’re about to get baking!

The Cookies 

These may look like ordinary choc chip cookies (sans chips), but believe us, they’re not! This cookie recipe’s perfect formulation means your cookies will begin to spread as they bake, giving them the perfect ripple & caramelized the edge. After all this you’ll have a cookie with just the right amount crispy, just the right amount chewy & just the right amount delicious (so delicious!).


We like to add a little glamor to everything we bake, so here goes! You’ll add your golden decorations.


Just one final step, you’ll add the last package in your kit to add pops of raspberry color & flavor over your cookies. What did we tell you!? The smell of freshly baked cookies made even better by the look of these oh so fancy caramelized ripple cookies.

We just couldn’t resist grabbing one to eat. 😋


The Kit

This kit comes with everything you need to make 10 large ripple cookies. Your package will include the Cookie Mix, Sugar Mix, Gold Chocolate Rocks, Gold Sugar & Freeze-dried Raspberries. You’ll need to add an egg along with 1 stick of butter, as well as 2 baking sheets, but we’ve got the parchment ready for you!

Your kits are in the mail & we can’t wait for them to arrive! We’d love you to share pictures of your cookies with us on Instagram, just tag us @sobakeable.



The SoBakeable Team


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