SoBakeable’s S’mores

Over the years we’ve been known to be a lover of s’mores. As we all know, they’re the perfect treat for an American Summer celebration – clearly, we couldn’t agree more.

Let’s take a look back at some of our previous s’more inspired baking kits.

We had s’more cupcakes, a s’more cake, choc chip cookie s’mores & regular DIY s’mores with some churro flavored marshmallows. See, we really have loved our s’more baking kits!

This year we’ve got something even better! Well, we think so. This our take on the all-time favorite s’more.

If you’re a subscriber, you can expect to receive this baking kit in your next box! Everything is included, just add eggs & butter.

The Cookies

These cookies are not what you’d expect from a regular s’more. The brown sugar adds a caramelized flavor, they’re also a little salty – but don’t worry, this pairs perfectly with the toasted marshmallow that’s going to be sandwiched in between.

You’ll roll out your cookies & cut them into squares.


Once baked, they’ll come out looking like this. We know this isn’t too exciting just yet, but we promise we’re not going to disappoint!


Marshmallow Filling

You’re going to whip up (literally whip) your marshmallow. Then spoon this light & fluffy mixture over half of your cookies. Things are starting to look a little more exciting now!


Let’s get these toasted! Yum!


These would not be s’mores without adding some chocolate. Sandwich your toasted marshmallow between your cookies & then dip them in chocolate sprinkles. Okay, now our mouths are watering!

Serve them fresh from the oven!

The cookies are crisp, crumbly & a little salty. This goes perfectly with that sweet, toasted marshmallow that is sandwiched in between. We can’t wait for you to give them a try!

These are going to be perfect for the next time friends pop round & you need something to impress.

Don’t forget to share pictures of your baked desserts & share them with us on Instagram & tag @sobakeable.


The SoBakeable Team

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