Lemon Shortbread Cookies

We’ve had some version of our lemon shortbread kit around for quite some time now. We originally released it as part of our Mother’s Day SoBakeable kit last May. It’s popularity & our customers love of it has kept it around. The perfect option for a light Spring or Summer dessert, & an excellent choice for those who don’t like chocolate as much as us!

The Shortbread

We make it super easy for you, all you’ll need to add to your kit’s pre-measured ingredients is butter!

Whip out your stand mixer or hand beaters and get mixing!


In just a few minutes your dough will come together, you’ll form it into a disk shape & place it in the fridge to set, so it’s ready to roll.


This is one of our favorite tips to share: Place 2 magazines that are the same thickness under either side of your parchment. It’s perfect for helping you roll your dough to an even thickness.


You’ll use the cookie cutter provided in your kit to cut out your cookies. Place them in the fridge again & then it’s time to bake!


The Glaze

Once your cookies are baked & cooled, you’ll move on to making the glaze. This glaze is sweet with just the right amount of lemony tang. You won’t believe you didn’t have to squeeze a lemon to get this unbelievable lemon taste, but you’ll have to try it to believe us!

Mix up your glaze & then add the finishing touch with the last package in your kit. Sprinkle with lavender colored sprinkles & leave your cookies to set before serving.

These are sure to brighten up any occasion that calls for something sweet.

You can still get your hands on one these lemon shortbread kits. We know there will be nothing but smiles when you share these with friends & family.


The SoBakeable Team




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