Mint Holiday Cookies

The holidays are finally here & we’re celebrating! For us mint, holiday celebrations & snow days are what makes Winter so unique. So, this year we’re giving you the holiday flavor for your celebrations & snow days.

We know this time of year can be a little stressful for some, especially if you’re hosting. We’re making things a little more comfortable in the kitchen & helping you have some fun while we do it. This is the perfect activity to warm you up, so get the oven heating & your family around to help with this fun & festive chocolate mint thumbprint cookies.

If you’re a SoBakeable subscriber, you’ll be receiving this Mint Thumbprint Cookie baking kit in your next box! That’s one thing you can check off your holiday to-do list.


These cookies are chocolatey, chewy & fudgy. They are also a blast to make! To start,  you’re going to make the cookie dough with your baking kit’s sugar & cookie mix. Then roll your cookies into round balls & place on your parchment-lined baking sheet.


Now comes the fun. Use your thumb or measuring spoon to indent each of your cookies.


It’s time to get them in the oven to bake. These cookies look so good already!

The Filling

Once your cookies are baked & cooled, it’s time to add that mint holiday flavor! Mix up your filling & fill each of your cookies with your mint chocolate filling. Okay, now we’re starting to get hungry!


Once your cookies are filled, it’s time to decorate! Your baking kit will include our fun & festive decorating sprinkles & mints.


These cookies are rich & decadent – crunchy on the outside, fudgy on the inside. They are filled with mint chocolate & topped with peppermints & fancy sprinkles. Yum! We can’t wait for you to give them a try.

We’d love for you to share your holiday baking with us! Tag us on Instagram with the @SoBakeable.


The SoBakeable Team

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