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About Us

No more wasting time searching for recipes with the ingredients you have in your pantry, or throwing away ingredients because all you needed was one tiny teaspoon!

Baking Guides

Discover 2 new & exciting baking kits each month! You’ll get a beautifully presented baking guide, featuring clear instructions & images for a fuss-free baking experience. Or just login to our app to enjoy additional video tutorials, images & directions so you have every step at your fingertips!


We’ve done the hard work for you – all your ingredients come already weighed, portioned & packaged. All you need on hand is butter, milk & eggs. We'll be sure to give you a heads-up on fresh ingredients that are needed before your box arrives!


We want you to be proud of your creations – we’ve designed them to look & taste spectacular! Decorations & instructions on new techniques are included each month. Master these techniques by watching our video tutorials & let your creativity shine.

A Gift

Some techniques & decorations require specialized tools that you may not have. We want your finished product to look outstanding, so we’ll gift you these small tools as needed. These are yours to keep & enjoy. We hope you’ll find new ways to use these in your future creations!

Our Team

Bake, create and celebrate with us!

They say the only way to do great work is to do what you love. We’re firm believers in that, so here we are. We’re Chloe & Jocelyn, two friends & the Founders of SoBakeable. Here’s what we want you to know about us.

Our Story

Baking has been a passion for us all our lives. In fact, we first met at a potluck – at which we both showed up with baked desserts to share (no surprises there). We tried each other’s baking & chatted about the recipes, agreeing that spare time was best spent baking in the kitchen. Our favorite part of it all is seeing the happy smiling faces of friends & family, as they enjoy what we’ve baked.

While we’ve always loved to bake, it has always been something to do only when time allowed. We’ve spent the last few years working full-time in Marketing, Events & Community Management. 2015 was a big year for both of us – Chloe moved across the globe to San Francisco from Australia & Jocelyn settled into life in the Bay area after moving from Los Angeles. It was here that our paths crossed.

Inspired by the spirit of entrepreneurship surrounding us in San Francisco, we spent our time talking about how we could turn our love for baking into something we could wake up & do everyday. There were many conversations & a lot of planning. We’ve put our hearts into this because we truly believe in it. This is how SoBakeable was born!

We’ve been busy in the kitchen preparing perfect recipes for you to try & they’ll be sure to impress too! We want you to have more time to bake, learn new techniques & enjoy being responsible for some very big smiles!

We're so excited by the support we've had so far and can't wait to ship more of our boxes from our kitchen to yours, so we can bake, create & celebrate together!