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Do you see 2 baking kits that you'd like to try? Pick any 2 of our kits and we'll make a box for you!

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These cookies are rich & decadent - crunchy on the outside with a fudgy brownie texture inside. Fill them with sweet chocolate filling & decorate with freeze dried raspberry powder, gold sprinkles & golden chocolate nuggets, then stand back & admire your fancy thumbprint cookies. You'll bake a generous double batch of these to share.

We’ve taken inspiration from the beautiful Hydrangea flower to create a cupcake that celebrates this season of new beginnings. Each cupcake resembles the gift of a bouquet of flowers!

You’ll bake 14 perfectly round vanilla cookies, crunchy on the outside & chewy in the middle. Packed with vanilla flavor - there’s nothing not to love! Top each with a creamy vanilla frosting & then add the finishing touches with our Spring Fancy Sprinkles. These cookies are perfect to share with friends & family to help decorate - it makes a great activity!

There’s a feeling of joy when you bake something homemade to share with your special loved ones. As they take a bite & savor your sweet creation, they know that you made it with love. Dessert is one of the best ways to bring people together & add some sweetness to our lives. We’ve been inspired by the warmth of Spring sunshine to create a shortbread cookie that features the bright flavor & aroma of freshly-squeezed lemons.

Bake a batch of this decadent shortbread, we’ll even gift you a cookie cutter so that you can cut out perfect cookies every time. Once baked to perfection, you’ll top them with a sweet & tangy lemon glaze that’s the perfect complement to these cookies. Finish them them with pretty lavender & purple fancy sprinkles. These can be enjoyed by kids & adults alike & are perfect for sharing!

Bake 12 delicious chocolate cupcakes, covered in a dark chocolate frosting, topped with fun & colorful sprinkles - the perfect addition to any celebration!

A batch of these delicious cookies will bring smiles to the faces of everyone who has a taste, so bake them up & enjoy with your loved ones. This baking kit will help you create a batch of our Melting Moments cookies, so tender that they will literally melt in your mouth. Add a chocolate frosting & cover with fancy gold sprinkles!

Bake a batch of 8 delicious brown sugar blondies, stuffed with cookies, covered in a vanilla glaze & topped with black & white sprinkles.

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