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Pop some bubbly & raise a champagne cupcake to celebrate! These kits are perfect to impress your friends for any event, big or small! Celebrate a birthday, promotion or just a girls night in with these delicious & impressive baked treats!

Choose from the variants above:

- Champagne Cupcakes Baking Kit
- Fancy Vanilla Cake Pops
- Celebration kit - gold garland, candles & balloons

Celebrate life's special moments with these fancy Champagne Cupcakes with a batch of 10 to share! Fun for kids & adults alike, these champagne cupcakes are non-alcoholic & will add some sparkle to your festivities! These cupcakes are filled with the sweet flavor of champagne - irresistibly delicious! You'll bake them in metallic gold cupcake liners to add festive flair! Then pipe champagne frosting to look like bubbles on top! Add more bubble-shaped decorations to complete the look & then toast to good health, happiness & sweet treats!

This baking kit contains everything you need so you can bake this sweet creation, except for butter, milk & eggs. Enjoy the baking experience, as we teach you how to get a perfect end result without the fuss!

Makes: 10 cupcakes | Prep Time: 45 minutes | Bake Time: 10 minutes

What you get: Cupcake Mix, Frosting Mix, Champagne Extract #1, Champagne Extract #2, Fancy Sprinkles, Gold Sugar

Also included: Gold Cupcake Liners, Piping Bag + Tip

Fresh ingredients needed: Unsalted Butter, Egg, Milk

Equipment needed: cupcake pan, electric mixer & mixing bowls.

Contains: Milk, Soy & Wheat. May contain traces of nuts.

These are the perfect dessert to celebrate! Bake a batch of vanilla cake balls, dip in a vanilla glaze & top with gold sprinkles. .

-- Makes 10 Cake Pops | Prep Time: 45 mins | Bake Time: 8 mins --

What you get: Sugar, Cake Pop Mix, Frosting Mix, Sprinkles.

Equipment included: Parchment, Cake Pop Sticks

Fresh ingredients needed: Eggs, Unsalted Butter, Milk

Equipment needed: Loaf Pan, Colander.

Contains: Milk, Soy & Wheat. May contain traces of nuts.


Expect your box to ship within one week from purchase.

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