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Spiced Loaf

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This box is perfect for baking to share at any celebration to impress friends with something sweet! Spend quality time in the kitchen & invite a friend to bake with you! The kids can get involved too - it's all about having fun in the kitchen!

Included in each kit are beautiful fall decorations to add pops of color to your table!

Fall baking is all about adding the comforting hints of these favorite Fall spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, all-spice & ginger. As the temperatures outside drop, you'll warm things up in the kitchen as you bake this loaf. You'll cover your loaf in a sweet cream cheese glaze & a generous sprinkling of cinnamon. Complete the look with a mix of dried cranberries, candied orange peel & gingersnap crumbs to add pops of color & festive flavor. This Fall spiced loaf is perfect for sharing - simply serve in generous slices to feed up to 10!

Makes 1 loaf | Prep Time: 45 minutes | Bake Time: 45-60 minutes

What you get: Loaf Mix, Sugar, Glaze Mix, Cinnamon, Candied Orange, Cranberries & Ginger Snaps.

Equipment needed:Parchment

Fresh ingredients needed: 3/4 cup Unsalted Butter, 1 cup Milk, 3 Large Eggs

Equipment needed: Loaf pan, electric mixer, mixing bowl & whisk.

Contains: Milk & Wheat. May contain traces of nuts.

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Customer Reviews

Rachel T. - 12/02/2016

I love the two kits in one box!

I'm so excited that SoBakeable now has 2 kits in one box. Each kit is easier to make (shorter time, etc.) but still is super fun and delicious. Definitely worth it! Great for parties, dinners, potlucks, etc.

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