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Do you see 2 baking kits that you'd like to try? Pick any 2 of our double kits and we'll make it for you!

Choose from the variants above!

Celebrate life's special moments with these fancy Champagne Cupcakes with a batch of 10 to share! Fun for kids & adults alike, these champagne cupcakes are non-alcoholic & will add some sparkle to your festivities! These cupcakes are filled with the sweet flavor of champagne - irresistibly delicious! You'll bake them in metallic gold cupcake liners to add festive flair! Then pipe champagne frosting to look like bubbles on top! Add more bubble-shaped decorations to complete the look & then toast to good health, happiness & sweet treats!

These cookies are rich & decadent - crunchy on the outside with a fudgy brownie texture inside. Fill them with sweet chocolate filling & decorate with freeze dried raspberry powder, gold sprinkles & golden chocolate nuggets, then stand back & admire your fancy thumbprint cookies. You'll bake a generous double batch of these to share.

We’ve taken inspiration from the sweet flavors & rosy red hues of strawberries ’n creme, to create these irresistible SoBakeable Strawberry Eclairs. Bake them with love for someone special or bake them together & create unforgettable new memories to cherish. This baking kit will help you create a batch of light & crisp eclair shells, which are then filled with strawberry cream that’s piped for a beautiful effect. Top each eclair with a white chocolate glaze, then decorate with crushed strawberry malted balls & freeze-dried strawberries for bursts of sweet flavor & bright color!

Celebrate life’s special moments with something sweet to share - our decadent chocolate Melting Moments are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. A batch of these delicious cookies will bring smiles to the faces of everyone who has a taste, so bake them up & enjoy with your loved ones. This baking kit will help you create a batch of our Melting Moments cookies, so tender that they will literally melt in your mouth. Add a dark chocolate ganache to sandwich them together & you’ve created something spectacular. Complete the look with a generous drizzle of dark chocolate & metallic gold sprinkles!

Mint & chocolate are the most delicious flavor combination for this time of year! You'll make an 8" or 9" chocolate cookie cake, so rich you'll wonder why you never tried this before! With the look of a cookie baked in a cake pan, with the texture of a brownie too, this is part cookie & part cake! Every bite will surprise your friends with bursts of premium semi-sweet chocolate chips. You'll cover it in a whipped creamy mint topping, mint crunch crumbs & malted cookie balls.

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