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SoBakeable's Fancy Sprinkle Mix Sets

$15.95 - $24.95

What's in the box?

**Boxes ship within one week from purchase.**

Life is sweet, so throw some sprinkles on it & make it even sweeter! We've created beautiful sprinkle mixes for you to decorate your baked treats! Think cupcakes, cakes, cookies & more. Each mix is specially created by us to give your bakes the wow factor they deserve! These are beautifully presented in frosted jars, complete with a small spoon for ease of use. Give a set of 2 or 3 sprinkle jars to someone & make them smile. It's the gift of decorating something sweet.

Choose from the variants above!
- Set of 3 Sprinkles (includes 1 metallic mix)
- Set of 2 Sprinkles (colorful mixes)
- Set of 2 Sprinkles (metallic gold & silver)

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